This is me. I JUST HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS. #StandOnTopOfWard

Expect lots of ladies on this blog. Lots. Lots of emotions about TV and comics and feminism and sometimes movies too. At the moment, mostly posting about MCU/Agents of SHIELD, Marvel Comics, and Warehouse 13, with the occasional sprinkling of Whedonverse, LOTR, and YA books. Also, I am Voldemort's granddaughter, according to one Harry Potter fanfic. My AO3 is here.

(I'm part of the Skimmons Stans Network, and I also have a Marian Call fan blog, a mocking Paul Ballard blog, and co-run Goofus Ward, Gallant Trip. These get updated...sometimes.)

"there's a time in life when everyone says to themself 'you know, i want to follow someone who has groped summer glau.' well now you can" -Neny
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